Mastering the Holographic Shroud: Tips and Tricks for Stealth in The Outer Worlds

Mastering the Holographic Shroud: Tips and Tricks for Stealth in The Outer Worlds

The holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds is a unique tool that allows players to disguise themselves and infiltrate areas without being detected by enemies. This advanced technology creates a holographic projection around the player, making them appear as someone else entirely.

Mastering the holographic shroud is essential for stealth gameplay in The Outer Worlds, as it can help players navigate dangerous situations and complete objectives without alerting enemies. By utilizing the shroud effectively, players can sneak past guards, access restricted areas, and achieve strategic advantages in combat scenarios.

To use the holographic shroud successfully, players must pay attention to their surroundings and choose their disguises wisely. It is important to select disguises that match the environment and the NPCs present in the area to avoid arousing suspicion. Additionally, players should move cautiously and avoid sudden movements that might give away their true identity.

One key tip for using the holographic shroud effectively is to plan ahead and strategize before entering a new area. By studying the layout of the location, identifying potential threats, and choosing the right disguise, players can increase their chances of successfully completing their objectives without being detected. Practice and patience are essential for mastering the holographic shroud and becoming a stealthy operative in The Outer Worlds.

How can you effectively use the holographic shroud in your day-to-day activities?

The holographic shroud is a technology that allows individuals to project a holographic image around themselves, making them appear as someone or something else. This can be a valuable tool for a variety of purposes, such as hiding one’s identity or blending in with a particular group of people. One advantage of the holographic shroud is its ability to be controlled remotely, allowing the user to change their appearance at any time.

When using the holographic shroud, it is important to first understand how to activate and control the device. Typically, the shroud will come with a control panel or app that allows the user to select different images or personas to project. It is crucial to become familiar with this interface before attempting to use the shroud in public.

Another important aspect of using the holographic shroud effectively is to consider the environment in which you will be using it. Different lighting conditions and background colors can affect the visibility of the holographic image, so it is essential to choose your projection carefully. Additionally, make sure to practice using the shroud in different scenarios to ensure that it functions properly in various situations.

Overall, the holographic shroud can be a useful tool for individuals looking to change their appearance or blend in with a crowd. By understanding how to control the device, considering the environment in which it will be used, and practicing using it in different scenarios, users can effectively utilize the holographic shroud in their day-to-day activities. In the following sections, we will discuss in more detail the steps for effectively using the holographic shroud and offer tips for maximizing its potential benefits.

How to Use Holographic Shroud

The Holographic Shroud is a valuable tool in The Outer Worlds that allows players to temporarily turn invisible, making it easier to sneak past enemies undetected. To activate the Holographic Shroud, simply press the designated button on your controller or keyboard. Keep in mind that using the shroud consumes Tactical Time Dilation meter, so it’s crucial to use it strategically.

Choosing the Right Disguise

When using the Holographic Shroud, it’s important to choose the right disguise to blend in with the environment. Pay attention to the color-coding system that indicates which disguise is suitable for a specific area. Wearing the wrong disguise can alert enemies to your presence, so be sure to switch disguises accordingly.

Timing is Key

Timing plays a crucial role in mastering the Holographic Shroud. Try to activate the shroud when enemies are not looking in your direction to avoid detection. Additionally, make use of environmental elements such as cover to remain unseen while using the shroud.

Upgrade Your Shroud

As you progress through the game, be sure to upgrade your Holographic Shroud to make it more effective. Investing in upgrades such as increased duration or reduced TTD consumption can greatly enhance your stealth capabilities and make it easier to navigate through challenging areas without being detected.

  • Experiment with different disguises to see which works best in different situations.
  • Practice using the Holographic Shroud in various scenarios to sharpen your stealth skills.
  • Keep an eye on your TTD meter and use the shroud strategically to avoid running out at critical moments.

How do I activate the holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds?

To activate the holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds, simply press the designated button on your controller or keyboard. This will cloak your character in a holographic disguise, allowing you to sneak past enemies undetected.

How long does the holographic shroud last?

The holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds has a limited duration and will only last for a certain amount of time before it deactivates. Keep an eye on the timer bar on your screen to know when your disguise will expire.

Can enemies see through the holographic shroud?

While wearing the holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds, enemies will have a harder time detecting you. However, they may still spot you if you get too close or if you move too quickly. It’s best to stick to shadows and move slowly to avoid being detected.

Are there any tips for using the holographic shroud effectively?

One tip for using the holographic shroud effectively in The Outer Worlds is to study enemy patterns and patrol routes. By knowing where enemies are located and how they move, you can plan your path to avoid detection. Additionally, using distractions like throwing objects or using your companion’s abilities can help create openings for you to slip past enemies unnoticed.


In conclusion, the holographic shroud is a powerful tool that can be utilized effectively in a variety of situations. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can easily activate and control the shroud to their advantage, whether it be for stealth missions, disguises, or other purposes. It is important to remember the key factors that can affect the effectiveness of the shroud, such as movement speed, distance from enemies, and the visibility of the user. By taking these factors into consideration and practicing with the shroud, individuals can master its use and reap the benefits of enhanced stealth and deception in their endeavors. Remember to also customize the appearance of the holographic shroud to fit the environment and situation at hand, as this can greatly enhance its effectiveness.

Overall, the holographic shroud is a versatile and valuable tool that can provide users with a significant tactical advantage. By understanding how to properly use and manipulate the shroud, individuals can become skilled at stealth operations and deception. With practice and attention to detail, the holographic shroud can be a game-changing asset in various scenarios, providing users with the upper hand in challenging situations. With these insights and tips in mind, individuals can confidently incorporate the holographic shroud into their arsenal and unlock its full potential.

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