10 Creative Bid Day Themes to Elevate Your Sorority Recruitment

10 Creative Bid Day Themes to Elevate Your Sorority Recruitment

Bid day themes are a fun and exciting way for sororities to welcome new members into their sisterhood. These themes set the tone for the day’s festivities and create lasting memories for both new and existing members. With a wide range of options to choose from, sororities can get creative and showcase their unique personalities during recruitment.

One popular bid day theme is “Sun, Sand, and Sisters,” which brings a beachy vibe to the celebrations. This theme typically includes beach decorations, tropical drinks, and activities like sandcastle building and beach volleyball. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after the stress of recruitment, while also fostering a sense of sisterhood among members.

Another creative bid day theme is “Lights, Camera, Action!” This theme allows sororities to embrace their inner Hollywood starlet with red carpet entrances, movie-themed decorations, and paparazzi photo booths. It’s a glamorous and fun way to celebrate new members and make them feel like VIPs.

The “Greek Goddess” bid day theme is a classic choice that never goes out of style. This theme celebrates the strong, empowering women within the sorority and emphasizes the bond of sisterhood. With Greek-inspired decorations, toga parties, and mythological games, this theme is sure to make new members feel like royalty.

“Wild West Roundup” is a bid day theme that adds a touch of adventure to recruitment celebrations. With cowboy hats, line dancing, and a mechanical bull, this theme is perfect for sororities looking to have a rootin’ tootin’ good time. It’s a high-energy theme that’s sure to get everyone in the spirit of sisterhood.

What Are the Best Bid Day Themes to Make Your Sorority Stand Out?

When it comes to bid day, choosing the perfect theme can make all the difference in creating a memorable and exciting event for new members. Bid day themes are creative concepts or ideas that guide the decorations, activities, and overall atmosphere of the day. A great bid day theme can help to showcase the unique personality and values of your sorority, while also creating a sense of camaraderie and bonding among both new and existing members.

Some popular bid day themes include “Sun, Sea, and Sisterhood,” where the event is set up like a beach party with tropical decorations and fun activities like beach volleyball and sandcastle building. Another favorite is “Throwback Thursday,” where everyone dresses up in retro clothing from a specific era and participates in nostalgic games and activities.

One advantage of having a well-thought-out bid day theme is that it can help to attract potential new members by creating a fun and welcoming environment that sets your sorority apart from the rest. A well-executed theme can also help to promote unity and sisterhood among members, as everyone comes together to celebrate and bond over a common theme.

In the next section, we will dive deeper into some of the best bid day themes for sororities, including tips on how to choose the right theme for your chapter and ideas for decorations, activities, and attire. Stay tuned to learn more about how to make your bid day a truly unforgettable experience for both new and existing members.

Bid Day Themes

One of the most exciting parts of sorority recruitment is Bid Day, where new members receive their bids and officially join the sorority. Choosing a creative and memorable Bid Day theme can help set the tone for the new member experience and elevate the overall recruitment process. Here are 10 unique Bid Day themes to consider:

1. Champagne and Pearls

  • Decorate with elegant white and gold accents
  • Provide sparkling apple cider for a classy toast
  • Gift new members with pearl jewelry

2. Boho Babe

  • Create a relaxed and earthy vibe with dreamcatchers and tapestries
  • Offer flower crowns as a fun accessory
  • Play soothing acoustic music

3. Space Jam

  • Transform your space into a cosmic wonderland with glow-in-the-dark stars
  • Serve galaxy-themed snacks and drinks
  • Encourage members to dress in futuristic outfits

4. Tropical Paradise

  • Bring a taste of the tropics with palm leaves and flamingo decorations
  • Serve fruity cocktails and mocktails
  • Have a limbo competition for added fun

5. Enchanted Garden

  • Set up a whimsical garden party with fairy lights and floral arrangements
  • Gift new members with mini succulents or flower seeds
  • Play soft instrumental music for a magical atmosphere

6. Neon Nights

  • Go bold with neon colors and blacklight decorations
  • Provide glow sticks and neon face paint for a fun party vibe
  • Have a dance floor with upbeat music to keep the energy high

7. Game Day Glam

  • Combine sports spirit with glitz and glam by decorating with team colors
  • Offer snacks and drinks popular at sports games
  • Organize friendly competitions or games for new members to participate in

8. Masquerade Ball

  • Create an air of mystery with elegant masks and feathers
  • Have a formal dinner with candlelit tables
  • End the evening with a grand reveal of new member identities

9. Fiesta Fun

  • Embrace a lively fiesta theme with colorful decorations and piñatas
  • Serve Mexican cuisine and margaritas
  • Have a salsa dance lesson for members to join in on

10. Hollywood Glam

  • Roll out the red carpet with a glamorous Hollywood theme
  • Dress up in cocktail attire and pose for paparazzi-style photos
  • Screen a classic movie for everyone to enjoy

What are bid day themes?

Bid day themes are fun and creative themes chosen by sororities to celebrate and welcome new members on bid day, the day when potential new members receive their bids to join the sorority.

Why are bid day themes important?

Bid day themes are important because they help create a festive and welcoming atmosphere for new members, setting the tone for their sorority experience and fostering a sense of unity and sisterhood.

How can I choose a bid day theme?

When choosing a bid day theme, consider your sorority’s values, traditions, and overall vibe. Think about what will resonate with potential new members and make them excited to join your sorority. Get creative and think outside the box!

What are some popular bid day themes?

  • Beach Bash
  • Roaring Twenties
  • Disney Dreams
  • Neon Nights
  • Fiesta Fun

How can I incorporate the bid day theme into decorations and activities?

Decorate with theme-related colors, props, and banners. Plan activities, games, and crafts that tie into the theme. Encourage new members to dress up according to the theme for bid day celebrations.

What should I consider when planning a bid day theme?

  • Cost of decorations and props
  • Accessibility and inclusivity for all new members
  • Time and resources needed for planning and execution
  • Sorority values and traditions

How can I make the bid day theme memorable for new members?

Create personalized bid day gifts or favors that reflect the theme. Take plenty of photos and videos to capture the special moments. Encourage new members to share their experiences on social media using the theme hashtag.


Bid day themes play a crucial role in setting the tone for new members joining a sorority or fraternity. These themes offer an opportunity to showcase the organization’s values, traditions, and personality while creating a memorable experience for potential new members. By carefully selecting and executing a bid day theme, chapters can create a sense of excitement and unity among members, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie from day one.

Throughout this article, we discussed the importance of choosing a bid day theme that reflects the chapter’s identity, aligns with their values, and creates a welcoming environment for new members. We also explored various creative theme ideas, such as “Glow Up”, “Welcome to the Jungle”, and “Under the Sea”, that can be tailored to fit the unique characteristics of each organization. Ultimately, bid day themes serve as a powerful tool for recruitment and member retention, as they have the potential to leave a lasting impression on new members and set the stage for a successful and fulfilling Greek life experience.

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